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The Bridge is the "Board of Directors " of the Squadron

The Bridge or "Board of Directors" of the Squadron consists of the Commander, who acts as the "President "and is responsible for the overall operation of the squadron. The Commander is assisted by other bridge officers. The Executive Officer who is in charge of all external function of the organization; The Educational Officer, who is charge of all the educational courses; The Administrative Officer, who is in charge of the internal functions of the organization; The Secretary, who is in charge of communications and correspondence; and the Treasurer, who handles financial matters. These members along with the members of the executive committee, form the operating committee of the squadron.

The Bridge Monthly Executive Committee Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee. Meetings are in the Board Room, and run from 7-9 pm. All members are welcome to attend.


Ruth Durkan
Phone: 414-421-3815

Educational Officer
Education Officer

Chuck Kersey
Phone: 262-939-8726

Executive Officer
Education Officer

Joe Dembiec
Phone: 414-750-9199

Administrative Officer

Ted Smyczyk
Phone: 262-786-2599


Kim Rutkowski
Phone: 414-353-8240


Paul Langer
Phone: 414-698-3853